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Recognizing the behavioral tactics and potential health risks of emotional abuse is important to the physical and psychological development of teens and adolescents before more serious types of relationship violence can occur which result in long-term consequences.(pdf) Teen dating violence can include multiple forms of abuse including unwanted physical contact, sexual abuse, and/or psychological manipulation.Technology and the social network environment collectively can negatively mold teens into accepting such tactics and behaviors as typical relationship issues.In revealing tactics of abuse, it is essential to understand a perpetrator’s motive for dating violence in order to protect the health of teens.It can be very challenging to recognize and/or report emotional abuse when not all abuse tactics are classified as criminal acts by law.Emotional or psychological violence is “abuse committed by a person subjecting or exposing another to a behavior that is psychologically harmful”.Manipulative tactics including charm, silent treatment, coercion, regression, and humiliation describe ways individuals may attempt to control their partner.With the early onset age of dating in teens, their perception of dating norms may deem such tactics as harmless in relationships; but these tactics can progress to physical or sexual violence.

Verbal threats, insults, and criticism can be used in combination to intimidate or humiliate victims of emotional abuse.Teen Dating Violence Part 2: Violence in Disguise Medical Institute Science Department Staff March 2018 Teen dating violence is an emerging, silent epidemic that is becoming more common among adolescents.Today’s adolescents are exposed to relationship violence at high rates When it comes to reporting violence, physical or sexual abuse in a dating relationship is much easier to recognize than emotional violence or mental abuse.Perpetrators of dating violence can seek to undermine the teen’s independence and isolate them from family, friends, and other support systems, also known as “relational aggression”.Controlling a social group or environment, revealing private information, and spreading false rumors can all contribute to isolating a partner in an effort to reduce the chances of the person leaving the relationship.

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Risky behaviors such as underage drinking, substance use/abuse, early onset of sexual activity, and disordered eating are contributing factors for teens resulting to or becoming a victim of violence.

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