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Some prosecutors or courts may impose much more serious sentences if the defendant independent escorts huntington beach believed to have struck out in ways that could be deemed abnormally violent, dating violence arrest.

If a person arrested for domestic battery has sustained injuries and the police have not taken photographs, they should be documented and photographed. Dating violence arrest job is to gather evidence to prosecute the person they believe committed a crime.

Si vous désirez obtenir des services en français, prière d’appeler la ligne FEM’AIDE au 1-877-336-2433.

The Violence Against Women (VAW) Program assists women who have experienced abuse during the course of their lives.

Abuse may have occurred in childhood, during a past relationship, or it may be an ongoing concern in a current relationship”and a woman may have escaped abuse recently, last year, or a long time ago.

Within the next two to three weeks, we are hoping to recruit up to 10 women who meet the following criteria: TTC transportation costs will be covered and on-site child care can be offered.

If you know of any women who appear to meet the criteria and who you think would be interested, please give them them the attached flyer and/or contact Vania Sukola.

For more information, contact: This fall, FST will be offering a peer mentor training program.

The study is funded by the Women’s Xchange at Women’s College Hospital.

Our research team includes Marcia Rioux, Ph D, at the School of Health Policy and Management of York University.

Our counselling services for women who have experienced any type of abuse, are available in English, Tamil, Somali, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Dari and Pashto and to all women who live and/or work in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

In the VAW program, although our primary focus is on the abuse women sustain from men with whom they are involved – or have been involved – in intimate relationship, we also provide services to women who have experienced abuse from other family members.

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