Dating tintype photographs

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Dating tintype photographs

These images are becoming increasingly rare with age; yet, many can still find photos of ancestors locked away in attics, basements and boxes the world over.

So far his books and guides include: Three Kwik Guide Books: .Like his other books, Clark provides a brief history to the time and place these image types were in use, you learn about and how to date images, and you get a detailed coverage of the various image types.Topics include: Above all other types of images, these reflect the true origins of commercial photography.Carte de viste above is of Sojourner Truth in 1864. In 1854, the ambrotype became a popular photographic print method which used the wet-plate collodion process to create a positive photograph on glass. Invented in the 1850s, hyalotypes were used in “Magic Lanterns” where their positive images on glass plates were projected onto screens.Each photo was unique and could not be duplicated — much like using a Polaroid camera. Introduced in 1856, the tintype — also known as a melainotype or ferrotype — was produced on a plate of thin metal. They were widely popular until modern slides came along in the 1950s.

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His 30 years of experience in digital imaging brings a unique and thorough understanding of photograph problems and how to solve them.

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