Dating the enemy video

Posted by / 18-Jul-2020 03:00

Audio sync is generally good, although there are a few occasions where the audio becomes subtly out of sync.By far the worst of the sync problems is from , where it is quite obvious that the sync is not right.

There is an omnipresent level of background grain, but it never really becomes obtrusive.There are no compression artefacts in this transfer. Telecine wobble is a constant presence throughout the transfer, and while it is most obvious when credits are showing - especially the opening credits - it also becomes apparent at other times, such as when Tash is lying on the couch from The audio transfer is a better effort than the video, however it is certainly not going to knock your socks off.There is only a single soundtrack on this disc, being the original English Dialogue in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo at 224 Kbps.From this point, the two have to work through the body-switch and figure out what it means for them, and what it is that fate is trying to tell them.While the premise is quite amusing, Dating The Enemy does tend to rely on it too much, becoming somewhat of a one-joke movie.

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