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Fortunately for me, the Lifetime-turned-Netflix original series initially aired in the fall but appeared on the streaming service just in time for that post-Christmas, pre–New Year week of purgatorial boredom.“Well, hello there. ” says Penn Badgley (never better, though this is where I shamelessly confess that I’ve never seen Gossip Girl) in the opening minutes of the pilot, uttered in a tone that carries both wry curiosity and a bit of menace. You’re not the standard insecure nymph hunting for Faulkner you’ll never finish.”And so begins the story of Joe, the charming bookstore manager who takes a liking to Guinevere Beck (“yeah, my parents were assholes with the whole naming thing”) a lower-middle-class Brown alum now getting her MFA in poetry.

In a scene shot in warm oranges and yellows, the camera lingers on the (cute! The running narration continues: “You search the books. She is trying to make ends meet on a TA salary while keeping up appearances with her cadre of rich, catty friends: body-positive Instagram influencer Annika; boy-crazy Korean adoptee Lynn; the deliciously bitchy Peach Salinger (“Yes, that Salinger,” played with delightful menace by Shay Mitchell); and Beck’s douchebag not-boyfriend Benji.

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If you missed it, here are the links: Part 1: Are You Waiting for Some Type of Fantasy Man?

Part 2: Should You Trust Your Instincts About Dating and Love?

I know it’s not because these women are catty, or spoiled, or malicious. Because with these false expectations in the way, women are missing REAL gifts that so many men are out there waiting to give.

It’s because they don’t understand the words, deeds, and intentions of Grownup Men. And they are giving men points for some really silly stuff.

The series, which has earned itself a definitive second wind, courtesy of the very real Netflix bump, has been rightfully lauded for its razor-sharp treatise on toxic masculinity — Joe is so dedicated to helping Beck thrive (a true male feminist!

You can click here to listen or right-click to download the file.

When you’re done I’d love you to leave me a comment here. Did you find areas where you can be more accepting and things you can add to your list of realistic expectations?

Is your system based on what your mom or dad taught you that you boys do?

Is it left-over from a list you devised in college, or even high school?

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He secretly has the hots for her so he turns mad and is gonna tell.

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