Dating stories cheerleader dating less attractive

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Dating stories cheerleader

"I apologized for the plagiarizing one, I was in grade ten and stupid. " Catching on to my implications, she smiled for the first time in a while, and using her sexual wiles, her voice dripped with seduction, "There must be something I can do to change your mind, Mr. I slid two fingers inside her damp pussy and she let out a pleasurable moan. "Well your cunt has been used way too many times for me to use and feel safe in, so I am going to get your ass ready for my cock," I replied rather casually. You do what I say you do or you are suspended." "But...." "But what would mommy and daddy say If they knew you had fucked some nerd at school?The hazing was harmless fun." I gave her a stern look as I replied, "A girl in the hospital with alcohol poisoning is not my version of harmless fun." Realizing I was not amused, she shifted her theory. I felt so bad for that, but we just didn't realize she couldn't handle her liquor." Ignoring her lame rationale, I continued, "So this is strike three. The tears, either real or fake to manipulate, began to form. And you can stop with the waterworks, they may have worked for you in the past, but it won't cut it with me." The tears stopped almost as quickly as they began. Stanford." I stood up, startling her, and replied, "I could overlook this infraction I suppose, but the cost will be heavy." "I will do anything you want, Mr. I pumped her cunt for thirty seconds and pulled out and used her juices to lubricate her ass. " "My dad is dead, asshole," she threw back at me with a glare. I can still expel you whenever I want." Suddenly defiant, she countered, "I will tell on you." I laughed again. "Is it because you are excited about your first ass-fucking? Allen," I replied and her tears again streamed down her face.

Allen." Although you could see and feel her nervousness, she did relax the best she could as I pushed forward, ever slowly, breaking past her tight entrance.Note 2: Thanks go to Estragon for his copy-editing work. Blackmailed: Cheerleader's Cherry As Principal of the biggest school in our part of California, every day is an adventure.Drug busts, celebrities' kids, drama, cyber-bullying, gangs, I have seen it all.Once she left, I said, "Go on, Markus." "She was asking if the rumour about the size of my um-well-um..." the shy nerd paused. I smiled, "How long had you two been in the room before you were caught? Sitting down, she made sure she showed a lot of leg. Don't you dare miss a drop." Impressively, she continued her eager bobbing and soon was rewarded with my salty seed." "Less than ten minutes, sir." An idea already forming in my head, I asked, "Did she give you oral sex? You are a good kid and I would hate for you to lose your free ride to Harvard. " "Yes sir," he replied, the glimmer of hope shining eagerly. I chuckled to myself, thinking she would soon be showing more leg than that. Allen, what are we going to do about this predicament? She didn't miss a beat as I coated her throat and I figured I might have to reassess her cocksucking talent.

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Summary: A Principal disciplines a stuck-up hot bitch cheerleader.

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