Dating someone autistic child

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Dating someone autistic child

Read more about autism, Asperger syndrome and demand avoidant profiles.

You may be concerned about the cause of your partner’s autism and whether it could be passed on to your children. Talk to your partner about any difficulties you think they may have with having a child.

To help him understand his sexuality, Dubin recalls, a therapist he was seeing in 2010 suggested he buy a few adult pornography magazines.

Dubin is soft-spoken and comes across as earnest, and he took the therapist’s advice seriously.

Here we look at partners' experiences, diagnosis, counselling and other support and having children with an autistic partner.You can also read what autistic people say about relationships.While everyone's experiences are different, there are common themes: "He says that he keeps his distance emotionally and remains detached so that he doesn't feel the pain of being apart.Some of the ads he clicked on led to sites with pictures of minors, which he downloaded to his computer.At the time, Dubin was 33 and had built an impressive career as an autism advocate.

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