Dating site no register minnesota

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Dating site no register minnesota

31 contributing properties built 1880–1928 include seven associated with influential local businessman Frank A. One of Kanabec County's earliest and largest farmsteads, established in 1880 to support a logging operation (the era's leading local industry) as a headquarters, food and feed producer, and stable for work animals.Rare surviving example of Minnesota's earliest reinforced-concrete watertowers—built in 1918—and a symbol of the local infrastructure improvements that enabled the organization of Ogilvie's fire department.Twenty-two sites are also National Historic Landmarks.Also, the counts in this table exclude boundary increase and decrease listings which modify the area covered by an existing property or district and which carry a separate National Register reference number.Significant for its precontact archaeology, rare physical evidence of the agency period, and association with the nation's disastrous mid-19th-century Federal Indian Policy.House from 1894 to 1930 of 10-term Congressman Andrew Volstead (1860–1947), author of the Volstead Act that enabled Prohibition in the United States, and the Capper–Volstead Act that legalized agricultural cooperatives.

Fairground with eight contributing properties built 1936–38, representative of the importance of the county fair in rural Minnesota culture and the enduring output of the Works Progress Administration.Remote wedge of land from which the Canada–United States border was drawn to satisfy the Treaty of 1818—creating the distinctive Northwest Angle exclave—but mistakenly used by Canadian commercial interests until 1874.1896 opera house that hosted numerous community events and was restored to its original use in 1970.Boundary expanded in 1982 (#82002979) to include the adjacent commercial building constructed at the same time.1904 jail and 1919 courthouse, prominent public buildings and longtime seat of county government; further associated with the effects of railroad placement in determining Lincoln County's most viable communities.Minnesota's oldest state park, established in 1891.Also significant for its extensive archaeological resources, association with the quest for the Mississippi River headwaters, pioneer sites, and 72 park facilities built 1905–1942 noted for their rustic log construction and association with early park development. Woodland period site for wild rice harvesting, a subsistence activity unique to this region of North America.

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