Dating simon and patrick luthiers rosewood

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Dating simon and patrick luthiers rosewood

I got this guitar last year for Xmas and it is truly amazing. Try this one out folks, you won't be dissappointed. I'm a beginner and just learning and it feels and sounds awesome. I practice/play maybe 1-2hrs day and tune about once a week and it's barely out, if at all.I went in looking for the Trek model Simon and Patrick and had my heart set on it, but just after the first few chords on this guitar I just instantly knew it was the one I had to get, amazing instrument and plays so well. I keep it in the case humidified, and need to fill up the humidifier every week.Further proof that sometimes good things do come in small…Woodland Pro Folk Mahogany Ideal for fingerstyle players, the mid-range frequencies and tonal qualities of the Woodland Pro Folk Mahogany is in large part due to its smaller body size.

My main concern this time was in finding the best sounding guitar I could for under 500 Canadian dollars and I feel like I've succeeded in spades.The Simon & Patrick Natural Elements CW Mini-Jumbo SG models feature back & sides made from a three-layer lamination of unique tonewoods from Northern Quebec.Natural & unique variations in the wood mean that no two pieces will look the same. Showcase Rosewood Concert Hall For those players who want to hear what “sheer acoustic bliss” sounds like all the way up the neck…we also offer the Showcase Rosewood.The B-Band A3T system offers high gain before feedback along with an amazingly pure, dynamic and full acoustic sound via an incredibly thin (0.04 mm) under saddle transducer, based…Simon & Patrick Black Paisley Suede Strap w/Patch Logo This Simon & Patrick black paisley suede guitar strap with patch Simon & Patrick logo features a paisley style print & the comfort and quality of durable premium stitched suede.

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I strummed it twice and said "Sold" Best sounding guitar I've ever owned and sounds and holds up better than my Martin D35 which sells for 6 times the price. I've played acoustic guitar for over 30 years and by chance came across my songsmith in a hock shop! Have played it regularly since, including live gigs (with a pick up inserted) and at parties and fires.