Dating scamer black list

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Dating scamer black list

I am 48 years old, married and want to leave germany in the middle of 2008.

I have long experience through europe from north to south and i would like to go long distance inside canada and usa. My trucks was in weight over 40 t and in length over 24 meters.

In September 2007, Thomas Lautenbach had ordered a complete satellite system, additional its installation, to receive the ASTRA and EUTELSAT - HOTBIRD satellite TV-programmes, also including russian TV programmes for his russian wife Olesya Lautenbach.

The bill of material and my working time has not been totally paid until today.

These 3 scam websites are owned and operated by a 57 years old German scammer Thomas Lautenbach (Nickname: Tommi)/ (Birth date: 13 April 1959). (Address: Am Wasserwerk 4, Rottenburg 84056 Germany (Also reported to be living and moving between Nuernberg, Seeheim-Jugenheim and Landshut near Munich) / Phone: 49 17641075286 - 49 8781203820 - 49 1708182407 / Email: (We received this photo from a German man who was ripped off by this scammer) This agency recruits girls from Russian and Ukrainian escort services, publish false information, invalid profiles, stolen Russian women's photos, send bogus emails and what worse this scammer write letters to clients on the lady’s behalf and after they feel that everything went “too far”, they write a long “sorry, I have found my soul mate” letter and that’s it.

To my information or knowledge, other companies were also defrauded by Thomas Lautenbach.

In addition I give you the current adress of Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach, since September 2007: Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach 63654 Büdingen - Orleshausen, GERMANY Hardeckring 16 A Phone: 49 6042-958786 Fax: 49 6042-9797074 Mobile: 49 176-41054084 Greetings from Germany!

--------------------------------- Hello, We’ve found your site after dealing with Thomas Lautenbach.

We had the misfortune to buy something from him through Ebay.

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