Dating sarah is not like dating liz who is carol alt dating

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Dating sarah is not like dating liz

Resources Page with All Links: If you’d like to have all of the resources mentioned in this article in one place, check out my Resources page: My Classic Jewelry Resources Page Another way to learn more about vintage jewelry is to read vintage jewelry books.In addition to learning about the history of vintage jewelry or particular designers, they also include wonderful photos, often with the vintage jewelry marks.They have an extensive library of jewelry marks located here: Researching Costume Jewelry.Just scroll down a little and click the letter of the alphabet for the company marks you wish to view.You can view it here: My Classic Jewelry Trifari Vintage Jewelry Marks Guide Vintage Jewelry Marks Resource: You can search for “vintage jewelry marks” for information about the jewelry marks used by various jewelry companies.One site I like to use is Illusions Jewels’ “Researching Costume Jewelry” pages.The photo below shows the various signatures you’ll find on Trifari vintage jewelry.

However, the snake can be overly suspicious, which makes them a bit paranoid.

Trifari always signed its jewelry and was very diligent about protecting its designs.

Prior to the change in the copyright law in 1955, the designs were patented.

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Antique Jewelry University: Lang Antiques features a section on their site named “Antique Jewelry University” with lots of useful information, such as this page discussing hallmarks: Hallmarks on Period Jewelry 925-1000: Described as the “Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks, and Makers Marks,” the 925-1000 site is the first place I go to research vintage silver jewelry marks.

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