Dating royal crown cola bottles

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Pepper, Nehi, Nu Grape, Grapette Soda, Squirt, Royal Crown, Orange Crush, Orange Squeeze, A & W, Bowey’s Root Beer, Dad’s Root Beer, Barqs and some smaller soda companies such as Stoecker, Henry Luebbe, Phos- Ferrene and others.

Antique advertising soda collectibles include soda bottles, syrup dispensers, signs, trays, clocks, thermometers, door pushes, glasses, coolers, crates, menu boards, radios, openers, postcards and much more.

Signs were the best form of advertising for soda companies from the late 1930’s through the 1950’s.

information: This is the most common RC Cola Cooler that is embossed.

Both Pepsi Cola and Royal Crown Cola used this machine which was produced in the mid to late 50's.

Antique advertising soda collectibles are some of the most sought-after advertising items today.

Some collectors seek out antique soda memorabilia by brand.

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Most signs were placed inside or outside of the neighborhood grocery stores and by roadsides to help promote a particular brand.