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Dating rickenbacker 4001 bass

By the mid ’60s, they were ordered comparatively often – not so in 1960!Highly collectible since the ’70s, a custom-color Jazz Bass still tops the list today.I haven’t taken the scratch plate off or anything like that. Thanks Sometimes you can find the serial number in the control cavity.From the information I have gleaned from various web sites, I am guessing at a 1972. If the binding is not checkered, then it was likely not made before September '73. If the neck pickup is 1" away from the neck, then the bass was most likely not made before '75. If the output jack plate says stereo sound on it, you should remove the truss rod cover on the headstock to make sure the bass has two truss rods.

If the bass does not have two truss rods, you have a copy. Definately no markings of any sort inside the control cover etc. Obviously doesn't come across a lot of Ricks over here. Rickenbacker launched a pair of new takes on their classic 4003 bass this year with the 4003S and 4003SW.The new models take the current 40W basses and give them a vintage aesthetic made popular by the ’60s 4001S bass.Rickenbacker announced the return of the 4003S/5 bass at the 2018 Winter NAMM Show.The five-string bass, which has not been offered for over a decade, has been updated with a slightly wider string spacing, a Schaller 3D-5 bridge, and a new single coil pickup design.

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