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Dating recovering bad timing

Providing something of value breaks that dynamic and completely flips the scripts. The girl from the below text message played and studied a musical instrument. Some (further) connection in the composing and music industry is a safe bet.

I don’t like lying and only used it when I really left.And scarcity and the human tendency of valuing what we can’t have also come to your rescue (check Influence by Cialdini).I use it with all the girls I liked but never got around to meet while I travel.For example when I’ll text twice, call and still no answer, then I’ll send this one via another messaging app.And here’s an example of how it works like a charm: This has a much lower hit rate.

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Anything which is gives you a plausible way to seem like you stumbled on that number/conversation by accident. In some instances, it also worked for me without switching medium and after more than 2 unanswered texts (! It’s a huge wake-up call for those women who live their dating life very passively, expecting a man on a white horse will smash their front door and drag them to a fantasy castle (and there are many of those! I’m exaggerating here with the imagery, but in practice, that’s how many women live their dating life.