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The sampler is from a period of transition in the practical use of such items, between the 16th century and earlier, when they served as a reference piece for a more or less experienced embroiderer, and what gradually became their nature in the 17th century, a method of measuring and recording the maker’s attainment.

It has elements of two different sorts of needlework exercise, which developed in the following decades: the randomly placed working of individual motifs (usually described as spot samplers) and the more orderly arrangement of rows of border patterns (band samplers).

Our old artificial tree had bit the dust––as we cleaned out our attic this past summer. It’s true, the “scent” is not there, but the ambience is. Here’s more repurposing tree skirt ideas: Burlap coffee sacks Beautiful basket in place of a tree skirt Metal tree skirt Tree skirt from a wedding dress My favorite? And here’s a whole Pinterest page full of homemade tree skirts.

I think we’ll be completely redoing the “look” of the tree in a few years when each child takes their own ornaments … Tablecloth tree skirt So how about freshening up the colors around the base of your tree this year? It saved me the money of buying a new one, plus I love the gold accent it added.

Although there are a number of references to samplers in 16th-century literature, surviving examples are exceptionally rare.

Both of these types are well represented in the Museum’s collection, with over one hundred English examples from the 17th century.

So-called 'spot' samplers, characterised by the randomly placed working of individual motifs, appear closest in intention to the earlier reference pieces.

Defying precise definition, the name has come to be used for a type of object whose form and function have comprehensively changed over time, from a practical tool of the embroiderer, through decorative pictures to a formulaic or occasionally more individual schoolroom exercise.

Cook, meaning any kind of work to be copied or imitated.

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