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I believe it does and I believe it does this so clearly that no doubt should remain either about the timing or the nature of this judgment by God upon this earth.

The art of the Biblical chronologist or Date-finder is a mystery to most, so let me explain how such a date can be found.

His work can be summarized by the statement that both the chronology of the Ancient Assyrian Culture and the Biblical record point to this date.

The first verse of Kings chapter 6 is also useful in that it tells us there was a time span of 480 years (see Appendix 1) from the time Israel left Egypt (the Exodus) until Solomon began to build the Temple. Now if a person is listed as being 44 years of age when their son was born, they may have been just 44 or nearly 45.

These chronologies do not have missing generations; there are no gaps. Since 9 names are mentioned it is 350 years ± 9 (9 margins of error of up to 1 year each).He stated that the Israelites left Egypt to return to the promised land 430 years (see Appendix 3) after God gave the promise to Abraham, the founder of the Jewish race.According to Acts 7:4 and Genesis 12:1-4, Abraham was 75 years old when God gave him the promise and in the same year his father Terah was 205 years old and Abraham was born when Terah was 130 years of age (Gen.-33).by Dr John Osgood The question as to exactly when Noah’s Flood occurred has seen a variety of different answers from scholars through the years.The only possible way such a date could be obtained is if the documented evidence which exists provides enough clues to pinpoint the event.

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