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Scale models come in all shapes, sizes, types, colours, and difficulty levels, but there’s one thing they have in common – they need a builder to bring them to life.

Thankfully that’s where you, the avid scale modeller, get a chance to bring something truly incredible to life.

All too often small parts get lost possibly making it difficult to complete your model.

When you step away from your build, remember to keep your model, spare parts, and tools in a secure place away from children.

A magnifying lamp is a good investment and a head magnifier is also useful.

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After finding a suitable scale model to build, spend some time researching and finding as much info about the model and the real thing it is replicating.

Search the Internet and books/magazines so you can get a good idea of how you want your model to look.

Before starting the gluing process, it is good practice to test-fit any parts.If at all possible, choose a work area with lots of natural light or good artificial lighting.Often working in bad light conditions can reveal poor assembly or poor painting, and it’s not great on the eyes either!No matter what type or size model you are building, there will be dozens of small parts that you can ill afford to lose.Keep an empty, clean container or sealable plastic bag nearby for the safe storage of any small or completed parts.

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A carpenter wouldn’t knock nails in without a hammer, and likewise you shouldn’t start a project without the necessary tools for the job at hand.

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