Dating melayu with boy

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Dating melayu with boy

— Picture courtesy of Pannir Selvam’s family Three weeks of ‘friendship’ that led to prison Things started going wrong in August 2014 when Pannir Selvam took a one-month break from work in order to renew his soon-to-expire passport.

That was when he met a Malaysian man who went by the name “Anand” in a gambling den.

— Picture courtesy of Pannir Selvam’s family Family bonds stay strong The Singapore High Court in May 2017 found him guilty of being a drug courier and sentenced him to death. If love and dedication can be measured, it is in the trips that Sangkari has made every month without fail these five years — except for three months in 2017 — from Kuala Lumpur to Changi prison in Singapore, so much so that she knows the public transport routes and schedule there by heart. Because I don’t want him to think that after he got caught in this situation, nobody stand beside him.

Sangkari said: “After the new government took over, he closely monitored the news, he wants to know what is happening in Malaysia. If given a second chance in life, he wants to work with prison outreach officers to educate others on drug abuse prevention and support prison reform programmes.He asked for Dr Mahathir’s book because he was very impressed that he took over the government again at 93 years old and he wants to know how he is going to manage the government at this age.” While feeling “proud” to be a Malaysian following the electoral change last year, Pannir Selvam has feelings of guilt as a Malaysian in a Singapore prison “that he let the Malaysian name down”, Sangkari said. He said he treats everyday as a new lease of life,” she said, adding that he wishes to study political science if given a chance to do so.Pannir Selvam got baptised several months ago and received the Christian name of Paul Silas, she said.“So whenever I go to see him, he will have a pen and book with him, he got a lot of information, one by one he will tick,” Sangkari said when sharing how he would tick off items on his checklist to be shared with her.“He said maybe I am too focused in his case and I don’t watch pregnancy programmes, so he will do that for me,” she added, having acknowledged however that most of her time outside of her work is spent on his case, such as doing research and dealing with lawyers.

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“He regrets because he was so careless to trust someone blindly.

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