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Without communicating the threat of condemnation or arbitrariness, you can set limits deliberately out of the need for order combined with practicality.

The crux of the matter with limits is exactly where you draw the line.

Limits can be defined by the following six qualities: A boundary in relationship encounters is communicating no verbally or in your behavior, and meaning it!

Freedom, true freedom, only can occur and only makes sense within a structure, that is, with limits and boundaries.

William Golding’s book (1954) and Peter Brook’s subsequent 1963 movie provide a scintillating, chilly portrait of what results in a society without rules, laws and authority.

This story depicts a band of young boys in their struggle to eke out their survival when stranded on an island.

Psychological limits include tolerance or intolerance for individual differences, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, choices, time alone, confidences and secrets.

Where any two individuals set their boundaries is both an individual decision and a couple negotiation.

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means a training that develops self-control, character, or orderliness and efficiency.

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