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In other words, Is the presentation of the endowment eternal in nature? Why does it mirror so closely the Masonic rituals, tokens, etc.?

Things such as Joseph Smith being sealed to women who were already married or Joseph Smith having a free black woman sealed to him as a slave?

Even the whole subject of the Blacks being unable to hold the prie Moresthood until much later?

Why has there not been an apology issued or racism in the church addressed?

(2) Why is a man or a priesthood bearer permitted to sealed to many women/wives at time when he is opportune to marry again after a deceased companion and a sister is not permitted to sealed to more than one husband if she gets married for the second or third time after the death of her husband?

I have been struggling with an eating disorder, and almost lost my life to it.

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Why don't modern day prophets have similar fruits, and why don't they give us revelation from the Lord'More I am both a Mormon and a Mason.

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