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"Because of sexual harassment concerns, you can't let a supervisor date one of his or her employees.It's best to move that person to a new supervisor, if possible," she says. Create a "Love Contract." Once an employee relationship is revealed, Sanchez encourages employers to have each employee sign a contract that spells out certain expectations, while protecting the employees. It's important to check in with other employees and give them avenues to tell their supervisors if they are uncomfortable or if the relationship is affecting the workplace.If employees do not disclose their relationships, employers will be unable to monitor such relationships, and therefore cannot monitor workplace interactions to assure fair treatment and that harassment or favoritism does not occur.A policy requiring disclosure permits the employer to document the consensual nature of the relationship, and take precautionary measures, including changing reporting structures and providing guidance regarding appropriate workplace conduct. In each of these articles, Kim will walk you through a real-life HR scenario, using her expert knowledge and years of experience to break down the pros and cons of various ways this situation could be handled, which option is likely best for you and your business, and all the ins and outs of the rules and regulations that could impact the scenario and your decisions.For this HR Scenario, let’s say that in a small office setting there is gossip that two employees are dating.Then, if you find out, you're forced to fire them because they violated your no-romance policy," she says.

If other employees are aware of such relationships, employees may claim that the subordinate employee received preferential treatment.

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If a relationship exists, the employer should require the employees notify management.

Prohibiting employee dating altogether may be difficult because workplace relationships will inevitably still occur, but employees will attempt to conceal relationships from the employer.

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