Dating hot matchup formula for dating age gap

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Dating hot matchup

If one with Pr EP still goes for rampant ***, that guy is still open to various other Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes and very negligible chances of HIV as well. Safe sex/HIV positive discussion I'd still be curious to know about prep...

Since a doc has to prescribe it and you can't just stop it at anytime....

IMPORTANT NOTE: there is always small chance of getting infection even with Pr EP. Safe sex/HIV positive discussion Pr EP is something you have to start and stop only with Doctors consultation..

So don't think that you start with Pr EP then u can have any amout of *** shots. And it is only giving protection with HIV(it is again not full 100%).. Unprotected *** with undetectable positive person and negative person on Pr EP will have absolutely rarest chance of transmission.

It's expensive, so most medical stores don't stock it (Rs.2200 for 30 tablets).

Some people may initially suffer from side effects after starting this medicine.

Only guys who are 40 would know the agony of such nightmarish date. These sexy gay single men are looking for a gay match.

so even if virus enters will be denatured by medicine. Example if in hospital nurse get needle *** which is used on positive patient, or you knw you had unprotected *** with positive person immediately(within some hours window) person can receive PEP.means heavy does of anti HIV medicine.

Basically they don't care about your preference ,they look at your talent and work, your skills. What we should teach them is "Start accepting people the way they are, not the way you want".

Even 377 is repealed , it's very difficult for Us to change their mentality. Safe sex/HIV positive discussion Pre P or any medication shouldn't be taken without doctors consultation..

And it is not available over counter without proper prescription..

Once started, it shouldn't be stopped or terminated again without doctor's advice.

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