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Smiley thinks he'll be among the few whose career survives the scarlet letter of a harassment controversy.

He says he's come back once before, in 2001, after he was fired by BET over a business matter.

About 35 people dotted the large auditorium as Smiley chatted up Harvard Law School lecturer Stephanie Robinson, economist Julianne Malveaux and management consultant Julie Kantor.

The conversation touched on gender, race, discrimination, millennials, capitalism, Hollywood and the media.

The network said it also found further evidence that Smiley created an abusive and threatening workplace, often belittling and cursing subordinates.

Unlike other prominent men who've been publicly accused of sexual harassment, Smiley is doing what he's always done — talking. Since his talk show was dropped by PBS amid accusations of workplace misconduct, Smiley has given multiple interviews professing his innocence. His panel discussion, "Women and Men in the Workplace," moderated by Smiley and featuring a slate of female experts on the topic, pulled into Washington on Wednesday with a stop at George Washington University.

He claims he was railroaded and "publicly shamed," a victim of a post-Harvey Weinstein rush to judgment. It's either a public service, a redemption tour or a supreme act of chutzpah by Smiley, whose talk career has spanned BET, NPR, PBS, C-SPAN and the Tom Joyner radio program.

Smiley’s dismissal came amid a wave of reports of sexual misconduct in the workplace by powerful figures in movies, media and politics that began with allegations against Harvey Weinstein in October and also led to the departure of Smiley’s fellow PBS talk-show host Charlie Rose.

PBS aired the show “Tavis Smiley” from 2004 until 2017.

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"And I think that is what is happening in the court of public opinion.