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The audience for the September 23 second episode was up 6% compared with the premiere.

What's it's like to be an oasis in the desert of life? Was it shorn off in some kind of Big 2019 Energy fit? Not really—the answer sounds more like one of the quotidian occurrences on the beloved HBO show, which is now back for its third season.

No one was waving me down on the street anymore." Sinclair and The Guy do have some things in common, like, you know, their actual face.

"I think I put a lot of pressure on it because it's my body or my face," he says, "and I treat how the public will take him as a human being quite personally, even though we're different." —a comparison some would be tempted to make.

And, in certain ways, it's isolated him from engaging in relationships in ways that last.

Or maybe he has a lot of weird emotional projection issues that make it hard for him to make a real connection.

In Sunday's season 3 premiere, we saw The Guy taking time out from selling. There were multiple drafts of this first episode, where the temptation was to make him start from a place where he was kinda lonely, or something like that. We always had to incorporate the delivery in, but we wanted to tell some other stories that didn't involve somebody buying some weed. I was like, The gift of being able to spend a lot of time together through this community and this work structure that we've built. We needed to say a little bit about where he was at. Then by the end of the season, we had gone through a lot together.

Instead, he's diving into a pristine lake, hanging out with a very cool woman and dog, and generally chilling the hell out. That was always the start of that first script, but then we were like, Then it just felt right to do that. Past the first two episodes, there's a lot of background mentions of death. All of this mayhem we're going through and the obsession with how shitty everything is, well—now that's your experience of life, talking about what a shitstorm it all is. We wanted to make him a three-dimensional person so we could explore different scenarios. We just got our certificate of ruling of divorce in the mail like last month. So many people don't get the opportunity to be close friends with their ex after they've been through something with them. One bigger difference was we split up as a directing team. It was like, there's a whole group of people who I get to go to work with every day, and I've been here the whole time and... Spend more time here instead of wondering where else I should be. I never have the impulse to go drink alone or anything.

Is it uncomfortable to be so famous and good-looking? "I wanna be fair, but I went to this barber," Sinclair explains affably. I was like, 'Let's take it in a little bit." Actually, Sinclair's gone short before—after shooting the current season: "It was great, actually. But a psychic did tell me to just do it at night lately. "I said, "Do I gotta get this pot thing under control? This current season brings us the latest weed man paramour, Lee (Britt Lower). This is still a new and exciting relationship for The Guy, even though there seems to be a distance between the two characters.She's also recovering from her own slew of personal problems—she left her director husband after he got accused of sexual assault at work, seeking refuge in woody Upstate New York. The thread that connects these women together is their complicated or non-existent relationship with weed.Created by EPs/spouses Katja Blichfeld & Sinclair, the 10-episode Season 2 of High Maintenance also is exec produced by Russell Gregory.Producers are Willy Friedman, Gwen Bialic and Emi Irikawa, with Eric Slovin serving as consulting producer.

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If his clients are using weed to deal with the depression and loneliness that comes with big city living, how is our nameless vendor doing? Even though this season is proving to open our quasi-protagonist's life up a bit more, we know precious little about The Guy.

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