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Dating heddon lures by hardware

If you have any questions or would like additional, specific photos please don't hesitate to ask. Winning bidder is responsible for shipping charges. We reserve the right to choose carrier based on shipping method selected at time of payment. Seller is not responsible for an This auction is for a Heddon Crazy Crawler in black and white. All items are carefully looked over but we are human and make errors. Shipping is a flat on over 90% of my sport card listings. Full set's, Large lots excluded) Additional items is just $.25 per auction you win. Returns are only accepted if an item has been inadvertently misrepresented. International buyers, please be aware that you may incur a brokerage and/or customs fee upon delivery. I notice that on one of the"wings" there is stamped a patent number. Please note that we do not ship items on the weekend. Terms of Sale Please ask any questions before bidding and view all pictures and description carefully. Please email us prior to leaving negative feedback. I do not use a envelope with a stamp like many other Ebay Seller's!Vintage Heddon Game Fisher Heddon 740 Punkinseed Punkinseed Crappie Lucky 13 Wooden Vintage Heddon Swayback Zara Spook Heddon Wood Zaragossa Heddon Punkin Seed Vintage Heddon Hi Tail Spook Fly Punkinseed Shad Heddon 9010 Vintage Heddon Crazy Crawler 2100 Punkinseed Sunfish Heddon Lucky 13 2500 Vintage Heddon Tiny Crazy Crawler Fishing Heddon Vamp 7500 Vamp 7500 Heddon River Runt Midgit Heddon Dowagiac Crazy Crawler Heddon Baby Zara Spook Heddon Crazy Crawler Yellow Wood Zaragossa Heddon 740 Vintage Old Heddon No Snag River Baby Zara Spook Unfished Unknown Spook Red Head Vintage Heddon Jointed River Runt Spook Vintage Heddon Tiny River Runt Heddon Tadpolly 9000 Heddon Jointed River Runt Spook Sinker Heddon Sonar Lures Punkin Seed Heddon Dowagiac Crab Wiggler Runt Lures 3 Chippewa Punkinseed Vintage Heddon Super Sonic Lures Vintage Heddon Wood Cobra Lucky 13 Glass Eyes Punkinseed Spook Heddon Dowagiac 100 Wood Heddon 2120 Lucky 13 Green Heddon Tiny Tad Fishing Punkinseed Gold Eyes Heddon Tiny Tad Lures Heddon Punkinseed Spook Weedless Widow Lucky 13 Topwater Vintage Heddon Zara Puppy Wood Heddon Sos Heddon Gamefisher Punkinseed Bluegill Heddon Dowagiac Lucky 13 Torpedo Spook Vintage Heddon Deep 6 Vintage Heddon Perch Scale Genuine Heddon Runt Red Head Vintage Heddon Tiny Torpedo Fishing Lures Runt Yellow Shore Heddon Deep 6 Wood Heddon Punkinseed Heddon Baby Lucky 13 Wood Tiny Lucky 13 Lures Type Hw Heddon Weedless Widow Vintage Heddon Deep Dive Vintage Heddon Crazy Crawler Fishing Lures Darting Zara Vintage Heddon 740 Punkinseed Vintage Heddon Stanley Tiny Runt Fishing Lures Heddon Sonar 433 Heddon Midget River Runt Spook Heddon 380 Heddon Dowagiac Super Heddon Cousin Antique Heddon Crazy Crawler Vintage Heddon Zara Spook Fishing Lures Wooden Heddon Crazy Crawler Vintage Heddon Silver Shore Heddon Tiny Runt Fishing Lures Vintage Heddon Luny Frog Heddon Lucky 13 Glass Midget River Runt Spook Heddon Baby Torpedo Fishing Lures Vintage Fishing Lures Heddon Baby Zara Spook Silver Heddon 380 Tiny Punkinseed Torpedo Tough Heddon Tiny Runt Lures Heddon Wood Jointed Vamp Heddon Clatter Tadpolly Fishing Lures Lures Heddon Darting Zara Rare Vintage Heddon Dowagiac Lures Heddon Vamp Vintage Fishing Lures Wooden Heddon Spook Bass Fishing Lures Heddon Crazy Crawler Black 1950'S Heddon Crazy Crawler Black Heddon Super Sonic Fishing Lures Classic Heddon Heddon Tiny Torpedo Black Heddon Baby Crab Wiggler Vintage Heddon Magnum Torpedo Vintage Heddon Hedd Hunter 1920 Heddon Heddon 730 Deep Dive River Runt Torpedo Frog Heddon Charlie Campbell Heddon Deep Dive River Runt Heddon Baby Chugger Heddon Zara Ii Vintage Heddon Firetail Sonic Heddon Game Fisher Heddon Go Deeper Crab Fishing Lures Heddon Dowagiac Baby Chugger Heddon Green Crackleback Centennial Edition Wood Heddon Firetail Sonic 2 Vintage Heddon Rare Clean Heddon Vintage Heddon 2120 Deeper Crab Heddon 730 Punkinseed Heddon Teeny Torpedo Vintage Heddon Prowler Tad Fishing Lures Vintage Heddon Weedless Vintage Heddon River Runt Spook Lures Vamp Fishing Lures Vintage Heddon 380 Heddon Zara Puppy Fishing Lures Crab Wiggler Glass Eyes Baby Crab Wiggler Heddon Baby Vamp Heddon Dowagiac 150 5 Hook Vintage Old Heddon Dowagiac Spook Fishing Vintage Heddon Big Bud Vintage Heddon Bull Frog Heddon Big Bud Scale Red Head Heddon Lucky 13 Red Head Heddon No Snag River Runt Vamp Wooden Vintage Heddon Brown Heddon Tiny Stingaree Heddon Baby Lucky 13 Fishing Lures Heddon Wilder Dilg Heddon Zara Gossa Dying Flutter Lures Fishing Lures Heddon Midget Heddon Empty Scoop Lip Baby Vamp Head On Basser Heddon Giant Vintage Heddon Tiny Lucky 13 Fishing Heddon Scissor Tail Vintage Heddon Tiny Chugger Lucky 13 Red Head Crazy Crawler Rare Shore Nr Vintage Heddon 210 Surface Vintage Heddon Dowagiac Crab Wiggler Heddon Tiny Torpedo Topwater Vintage Heddon Clatter Tad Heddon Pico Heddon Flap Tail Pair Of Vintage Heddon Wilder Dilg Heddon Dowagiac Torpedo Vintage Heddon Zara Spook Lures L-Rig Hardware Vintage Heddon King Wooden Fishing Lures Heddon Vintage Heddon 9630 Heddon Hedd Plug Heddon Centennial Edition Hedd Plug Heddon Magnum Torpedo Vintage Heddon Flap Tail Antique Vintage Heddon Tiny Snag River Runt Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Heddon Scoop Lip Heddon Crazy Crawler Fishing Lures Xry Yellow Shore Vintage Old Wood Heddon Dowagiac Vamp Vintage Old Plastic Fishing Lures Heddon Zara Spook Black Heddon Lucky 13 Spook Vintage HEDDON CRAZY CRAWLER 3" Fishing Lure-Original! Just click on the'stop' button below the slideshow, above. DETAILS MAKER: HEDDON LURE NAME: Crazy Crawler COLOR/LENGTH: Red head. We list daily and list some of the best stuff you ever laid your eyes on! LURE MARKINGS: This is marked under the chin: Heddon Crazy Crawler. General use blemishes include the following: Small hook nicks. CONDITION: See Pictures GUARANTEED ORIGINAL- NO REPRODUCTIONS! Multiple items must be paid for with one payment to qualify for combined shipping discounts. Please note that the international rate does not include insurance and that it will be shipped at the buyers risk. Vintage Heddon Tiny Crazy Crawler Fishing Lure BLACK YELLOW RED NICE! DESCRIPTION: UP FOR AUCTION IS A VINTAGE HEDDON CRAZY CRAWLER FISHING LURE. OTHER DETAILS: WE DO OUR BEST AT IDENTIFYING WHAT WE ARE SELLING HOWEVER THERE MAY BE TIMES WHEN OUR IDENTIFICATION IS INACCURATE AND WE DO APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. YOU MUST HAVE A CONFIRMED ADDRESS IN PAYPAL REGARDLESS WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE AUTOMATIC PAYMENT. FOR EVERY ADDITIONAL LURE YOU PURCHASE ON THE SAME DAY SAVE ON THE SHIPPING. Adapted, and changed the fishing lure industry forever.3" Long-2 Metal Treble Hooks-2 1.75" Metal Wings-OLD STYLE HARDWARE! Yellow body with black wings& trim, 3" BODY COMPOSITION: Wood EYES: Painted HARDWARE: 2-Piece CONDITION/COMMENTS: Very good to e xcellent minus condition. We ship like greased lightening and tell it like it is. Hook swings, scratches, hairline scratches, paint wear areas, rubs, paint loss or paint flakes, impressions, and soiling scattered throughout as seen below. We will send you an email through e Bay by the morning after the auction. International Shipping Services and Details: Most countries charge duties or taxes for imported items. If you are unsure of what the fees will be you should check with your customs office. I WILL BE POSTING HUNDREDS OF VINTAGE FISHING LURES IN THE COMING WEEKS. We will combine shipping if you purchase on both accounts. If you need more photos of the item or if you need more information please contact me(for photos please send your email address) It is your responsibility to ask any questions that you might have BEFORE you bid. I will always combine shipping whenever possible except when to do so may cause damage 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 800x600 PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW ALL OF THE PHOTOS! PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR ORDER UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN INVOICE. In essence James Heddon a humble man who was initially a Bee Keeper living in Dowagiac Michigan, whose roots were in England had an idea and executed a plan in an industry which was ripe for change. Most of the lures I will have listed will be used and will show signs of use i.e. Nicks, scrapes, and paint loss so be sure and look closely at the pictures and let them be your guide in determining your bid. USE MY STORE SEARCH BAR TO FIND YOUR FAVORITE LURES OR REELS. PLEASE WAIT FOR ME TO SEND UPDATED INVOICE BEFORE YOU PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT! PLEASE make sure you want the item before buying or bidding. Concerns, questions then please just message me and I will answer promptly.

I WILL EXCEPT A RETURN Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Payment arrangement must be made with in 24 hour of end of auction Payment is due in full NO LATER that 3 days of auction ending I SHIP AS PAID. See the hand-painted splashes of red paint added by some previous owner. PLEASE READ ALL WRITTEN DESCRIPTION BEFORE BIDDING $ 3.95 SHIPPING IN USA. check out all listings PLEASE IGNORE ANY CAMERA GLARE ANY BLEMISHES ARE LISTED IN DESCRIPTION IF ANY( EXCELLENT( alot better than pictures are showing) HEDDON crazy crawler fishing lure in with nice painted eyes. But please review the pictures to determine for yourself. Due to a large number of opened cases involving items not received the shipping rate has been increased to cover the cost of tracking for all packages. Returns will only be accepted for items recieved not as listed. Buyer's remorse is not a reason for returning the item(s) and item(s) will not be accepted for this reason. Seller added the following information: Every buyer gets a My Store Rewards invitation for cash back You are Bidding on a Vintage Heddon Crazy Crawler Fishing Lure 2100YRB Yellow Red Black with Box. Take a look at the pics and if you have any questions please just ask. If you have antique fishing tackle and lures you'd like to consign with The Antique Lure Store email us.The flyer in the box discusses the Heddon Crab Wiggler, another popular classic of that era.The 1600 series Deep Diving Wiggler appeared around 1914.Note the "inch worm line tie" on the nose, for which Heddon was awarded a patent that same year.This early version is side hooked; most had hooks mounted along the belly. This example in bar perch belonged to the Heddon company and was acquired from a former company manager who bought, and still lives in, James Heddon's home on a tree-lined street in downtown Dowagiac, Michigan. The first boxes had the "Crab Wiggler" logo, in addition to the typical downleaping bass graphics of the early teens era.

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This is a Heddon 150, the standard 5-hook underwater minnow.