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When you text all the time, you don’t notice that he never initiates. Especially because you’re looking for something long-term, understand that sex factors hugely into shaping your relationship early on.

But if you wait for him to initiate at least 2/3 of the time, you quickly notice when the time between texts stretches out to days. If you have sex too soon, he might get the impression that you just want something casual (which is fine with him), while you may get emotionally attached too early, making you invest more emotionally into the relationship than he does.

Find a way to let him know that, while you want to get to know one another better before jumping into bed, you are looking forward to it happening when it does.

You’re not teasing him…but you do want to let him know you want to take your time…and that it’ll be sooo worth it when it happens.

For each of these tips on how to play hard to get, I’m comparing the advice your teenybopper magazine might have given you 20 or more years ago with real-life advice I’ve seen work for women who are over 40 and single.

Younger you might have ditched her friends to hang out with her guy nonstop. I’m betting that Bethany and Tiffers were pretty peeved that you were “that girl” who ditched them for a guy…only to come crawling back when you two split.

Also if you wait to text him (until it’s your turn), you’ll have more to say, rather than disrupting his day a million times with trivial things.

There’s always the issue of compatibility, which you can in no way force.The women I’ve coached on dating and relationships who switched from being the one to make the first move to being pursued have told me that it feels absolutely fantastic. Busy yourself in other areas of your life, and when he’s ready, he’ll come around, especially if he realizes you’re not giving him all your attention.So what have you got to lose by being a little patient? One of the secrets of how to play hard to get is simply being yourself, particularly if you are naturally outgoing.via GIPHY Yes, you’re a modern woman, and I fully support you making the first move with a guy, but realize that men are psychologically wired to like to chase things (women, animals). Maybe in your 20s, you were the forward girl who would kiss a guy first.So you might not even know what it feels like to be pursued.

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If you pick up your phone to text him, first see who initiated the last text convo. Research shows that women, more than men, tie sex to emotional attachment.