Dating furniture square nails

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Dating furniture square nails

You can buy bulk nails out of a nail keg; the nails are weighed and then priced by the retailer.Or you can buy packaged nails, sold in boxes ranging from 1 pound to 50 pounds.

Screws are measured in both length and diameter at the shank, which is designated by gauge number from 0 to 24. The length of a screw is important because at least half the length of the screw should extend into the base material.Oval-head screws are partially countersunk, with about half the screw head above the surface.Roundhead screws are not countersunk; the entire screw head lies above the surface.For most repairs, a few 1-pound boxes of popular nail sizes will last a long time.What follows are some of the most common nail types.

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Use this type of screw to fasten pieces of metal together.

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