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You will be fitted in one of our safety harnesses and learn all of the steps to successfully complete your first swing.Once you are comfortable, you will take your newfound skills and learn to fly.I wasn’t even sure if he’d be okay with a second date.” liked his now-partner.“I started to trust him more, and we started having more serious conversations and learning more about each other’s wants, desires, and goals.” He’s glad about that trajectory.But I kept seeing him because I enjoyed being with him, and everything was simple and good.Sometimes, I’ve learned, good is good enough.,” Will says.Let go of your inhibitions and trust that your date will hold the camera steady!This is your chance to feel the wind on your face as you fly through the air with the greatest of ease on Seattle’s only fully indoor and heated Trapeze rig.

The same thing happened a couple weeks later and a couple weeks after that. So we actually started dating, probably three months after we first set eyes on one another.

Our first real dates were fun but never awe-inspiring.

Three official dates in, I didn’t see him as a serious love interest.

As you advance and gain confidence (which is generally by the end of their first class), we introduce new tricks that develop spatial awareness!

Rate: 0 per couple Limited to 10 participants | Must be at least 18 years old No experience required!

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