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Dating eva matchmaker mendes rule smith will

Although the movie is genuinely funny and certainly has its clever moments, the plot seems just a bit too familiar.We've seen it before: the handsome, suave lead character helps the not-so-handsome, dorky friend but is unable to help himself in his own struggle with love.The man in latest need of his expertise is Albert (Kevin James), a bumbling, albeit well-intentioned man who is hopelessly inept at getting women, especially the woman of his dreams, Allegra (Amber Valletta).While Hitch is a pro at finding the right formula for matching his clients with their romantic pursuits, he isn't very successful in his own case.

By the end of the movie, we found out that Allegra was just as quirky as he was!

The setting can be identified as the New York City area because of one of the scenes.

When Hitch takes Sara water skiing, they travel around Ellis Island, where they see the Statue of Liberty.

Not only because of what happened to her friend, but also because she felt she was probably one of his experiments too.

"Any man can sweep any woman off her feet, you just need the right broom." So claims the star of Hitch, a new romantic comedy starring Will Smith.

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Albert Brennaman consults Alex Hitchens for advice because he has fallen in love with a celebrity named Allegra Cole.

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