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Dating david anson

After Saul and Jonathan are killed in battle, David is anointed as King.

David conquers Jerusalem, taking the Ark of the Covenant into the city, and establishing the kingdom founded by Saul.

The Book of Chronicles lists his sons with his various wives and concubines.and then to Keilah, where he is involved in a further battle with the Philistines.Saul plans to besiege Keilah so that he can capture David, so David leaves the city in order to protect its inhabitants.It was initially thought that there were no evidence outside of the Bible concerning David, but the Tel Dan Stele, an inscribed stone erected by a king of Damascus in the late 9th/early 8th centuries BCE to commemorate his victory over two enemy kings, contains the phrase in Hebrew: ‎, bytdwd, which most scholars translate as "House of David".Ancient Near East historians generally doubt that the united monarchy as described in the Bible existed.

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The first book of Samuel portrays David as the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse of Bethlehem.