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Formula One racing also is popular with Spanish teens.Although the Grand Prix runs only one weekend a year, famous Spanish drivers such as Fernando Alonso are treated like rock stars all year long.Spaniards like to relax, have fun, hang out with friends, stay up all night and sleep late. Teens in Spain enjoy socializing at parties but double-dating is rare.Instead, dating is done as a couple, and the cost of the date is split between the two people.Spanish teens often go to the beach as a pandilla -- a club or group of friends with a shared interest.Theme parks, amusement parks and water parks are popular with Spanish teenagers.The customs of Spanish teenagers are a mixture of the old and the new -- much like Spain itself.Some customs enjoyed by Spanish teens date to the Middle Ages, while others are as new as the Internet.

I´d just spent a year in South America before moving there and in my ignorance, I expected similar in terms of how easy it´d be to meet men…or I at least expected an experience along the lines of Italy or Greece or even France where men will approach you anytime, anywhere if they like you.Teens enjoy sailing, scuba diving, surfing and wind-surfing all year long at the beach.They wear full wet suits during the winter, but shorts during the summer.Hanging out with friends in "el centro" (downtown) is a custom enjoyed by teenagers around the world, but nowhere as much as in Spain.Teens get ready to go out at 10 or 11 p.m., and stay out until 6 a.m.

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