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Dating chiemgau

Though the foundation legend of a Carantanian duke Domitian has not been conclusively established (see below), a church may have already existed at the site since the days of Charlemagne.The monastery had definitely been established before 1122, when it was mentioned in a deed issued by Pope Callixtus II.At the same time however, the long decay of the Benedictine monastery began, enhanced through the Great Interregnum in the Holy Roman Empire after the ban of the last Hohenstaufen Emperor Frederick II and the struggles of the Meinhardiner with the rising Habsburgs, who finally were vested with Carinthia upon the death of Duke Henry VI in 1335.From the Meinhardiner, the Vogt office passed to the Counts of Ortenburg, it was inherited by Count Hermann II of Celje in 1418.When his grandson Count Ulrich II of Celje was killed in 1456, all his possessions and titles including the Vogtei of Millstatt finally were seized as reverted fiefs by Emperor Frederick III from the House of Habsburg.At this time the monastic community comprised only about ten monks; Emperor Frederick found the morals degenerated, the buildings decayed and the abbot inept.

Against the protest by the Salzburg Archbishop, the order was vested with the buildings and assets of Millstatt Abbey, while the Benedictine monastery was disestablished with the handover ceremony of May 14.Millstatt Abbey was then run by Benedictine monks, who may have descended from Hirsau Abbey in Swabia, led by one Gaudentius.However, the first verified abbot from around 1122, Otto I, was a former prior of Stift Admont in Styria, an abbey which had also been established by Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg.In the course of the Counter-Reformation, the Jesuits had established a college at the Styrian capital (the present-day University of Graz), that was to be financed with the income of the Millstatt estates.The Jesuit monks soon became disliked by the local population for their stern measures to lead the subjects back to true faith and, even more, for their unyielding enforcement of public charges.

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The rule of the Jesuits came to a sudden end, when the order was suppressed by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 and the Millstatt convent was dissolved under Emperor Joseph II.

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