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The 1962-1966 GMC Trucks used a "V" shaped emblem mounted to the forward part of the hood.

On Truck with the "CUSTOM" cab they had Chrome Engine emblems.

In 1963 this truck was dropped from the line due to low sales of this model.

This would be the MOST RARE GMC of this Body style.

The Custom Package with extra cost chrome trim can be seen on the Truck above, Click on the picture for full size view. 1846 includes front end bright metal equipment, (RPO 1304) and chrome hub caps, custom trim and interior convenience group, RPO (0170). RPO 0170 includes nylon seat fabric, right hand sun visor, Left hand arm rest and fawn floor mat.

The following is from the GMC Dealer handbook: Cab. RPO 1304 Front end bright metal equipment, bumper, grill and headlamp panels.

1966 was the only correct year for the squared-off letters in the grille, with red pinstriping running through the letters, and chrome or painted outside the pinstriping.

GMC 1000 can be Short bed or long bed, will have 6 lugs on the wheels, 1960-1962 will have torsion bar front suspension, and coil rear.1963-1966 will be coil front suspension with leaf in the rear. GMC 3000 will be cab/chassis only, will have 5/10 lugs on the wheels, 5 on the front and 10 on the rear, will have dual wheels.1960-1962 will have torsion bar front suspension, and leaf rear. From what I have found in doing this page is that in 1963 a federal law required amber front turn lamps.The 1963 and older or Series "N", "J", and "G" trucks had a slight rearward slop, or "dog leg".

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Other chrome trim options offer in addtion to the custom cab at extra cost are; RPO 0148 Bright Metal Moldings, Front fenders and cab, not available with panel, includes RPO 0149.

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