Dating and waiting columbia sc

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Dating and waiting columbia sc

You’re going to love December in Columbia, when you can routinely get away with sporting a light jacket and grabbing a beer outdoors. The “Parks and Recreation” actor may not be a household name quite yet, but, surprisingly, for a city filled with talented, ambitious, and smart people, he’s currently its most famous export.And that’s nothing to be ashamed of because he’s pretty damn funny.Compared to many other cities in South Carolina, it boasts a great deal of ethnic and cultural diversity, but has retained its down home Southern spirit.

Added bonus: it hosts incredible events and parties. According to Forbes, Columbia ranks 86 out of 200 cities as one of the best places for business and careers.

Forget every dance move you’ve ever witnessed in your life--the Carolina Shag consists of the most difficult, impossible-to-follow-or-comprehend steps known to man.

There’s a good reason the city and state are proud of their Shag: it’s pure magic.

South Carolina’s official snack food is also one of the most savory you’ll find.

Boiled peanuts are salty, satisfying, and nutritious.

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