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I was even interviewed on the local news about my impressions, etc. They have a big field outside the town where once a year they have this festival, which among other things is a series of competitions for men.

Things like trying to throw each other off a log (while siting on it) and pole climbing.

The overall winner gets a live sheep which he then parades around the grounds over his neck before it's cooked. They were a Soviet ethnicity with their own republic, but as with most Soviet peoples a lot of their culture was destroyed during the Soviet Union, so most are not particularly religious or speak the language.

There is a language though, and it looks pretty crazy when written.

Then, in the past 500 years or so, came the Western European colonizers of Iberian and Germano-Celtic stock, and the rest is History.

Some 1,000 years ago, much of today's Russian territory was occupied by Turkic peoples. Hence, the Republic of Tatarstan is to Russia what a giant Apache / Cherokee / Navajo reservation would be to the U. Tatar girls are kind of like Native American girls, in that respect.

Eastern European Slavs pushed East and occupied Eastern Europe, crossed the Urals and then occupied Siberia, and even got to Alaska. They are conquered people: Russian citizens, but not ethnic Russians. That real forward thinking Sh*t I thought you knew?

Even those of us in the game will eventually succumb to ease of servitude rather than deal with the malaise of solitude I've been to Aznakaevo, a small Tatar-ethnic town in Tatarstan, on the day of Sabantui which is the main Tatar ethnic holiday.They don't have the extreme ninja costumes like in the Middle East, but I would still avoid girls dressed in traditional outfits - they'll probably respond out of politeness but it will only end in frustration.I haven't spent much time in Kazan, but for the more modern (post-soviet) women, I think your game will have to be the same as in other provincial cities (you'll need a Californian driver's license). The American continent was initially occupied by Mongoloid peoples who jumped from Siberia into Alaska some 10,000s of years ago and then went all the way South to Argentina.Most Tatar girls you meet will look/act essentially Russian.There are myths of them being fire-blooded, like redheads in the West, but really I don't take those kinds of old wives tails seriously.

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But come on Mc Queen, you know I am always innovating. Eastern European Slavs pushed East and occupied Eastern Europe, crossed the Urals and then occupied Siberia, and even got to Alaska. USSR conquered most of Eastern Europe and swallowed them into the fold.