Dating and dumping guide Sex chat boy

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Dating and dumping guide

Watch out for the narcissist, psychopath and controller. These people, much like a sports coach – keep you on the bench while they play the field. However, instead of having any direct contact with you, they’ll follow you on social media.

This seems to be more a millennial practice, but I wouldn’t put it past some tech savvy seniors.

Always hope for the old-fashioned love and romance.

Many of us are guilty of endless Google searches on a person we just met.

Women tend to hang on to the last moment in fear of not finding another, being alone and losing self-respect.

If you’ve been dumped after any relationship it could be for a number of reasons. BBD, ‘Bigger Better Deal,’ the guy who wants to move on to the next.

There are longer gaps in communication until complete silence settles.

If you’ve been showered with affection, gifts and promise of a glorious future after a first encounter, you’ve been love-bombed.

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