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I remember a few of us in the div looking at each other during his reading and thinking ‘what the hell is this?

’ We couldn’t wait for it to end so the beak would tear it apart.

Just a fifteen minute stroll from Windsor Castle and a great way to complement your visit to Windsor.

Today Eton College is a secondary school (a high school in the American sense) for approximately 1,290 boys between the ages of 13 and 18, all of whom are boarders. All boys have a uniform of black tailcoat (or morning coat) and waistcoat, false-collar and pin striped trousers. This uniform is not for special occasions, it is worn at all times and if you visit during term time, you will see the boys walking around.

The entrance for the tours is down by the Windsor side of the church on your right, at the back of the church.

I remember us being asked to write a poem in F block English, and listening as one of my peers read his out.

I don’t remember the exact words, but it went something like this: Now, if you’re struggling to believe someone actually wrote a poem this bad, I can assure you my memory does not do him a disservice.

Each house is under the care of a house master, who will look after him, support him and, if necessary, make sure he toes-the-line.

He will be the main point of contact with the school for a boy's parents.

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