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Watch our daily videos and look through our video archives for tips on dating after divorce, co-parenting, managing conflicts with your ex, maintainging relationships with your ex’s family, and protecting your children from the negative aspects of divorce.

We have developed a program for building a peaceful divorce for the sake of your children.

For her DGS premiere, here is her awesome article that ... You and your soon to be ex can go online and do it yourselves. You and your soon to be ex can go to an attorney and figure it out yourselves (and actually use ...

As single parents, we have so much on our plates that we are trying to manage: our jobs, our kids, our finances, maintaining a household, getting along with the ex, social obligations, hobbies, and maybe a significant other. Two examples of divorce anger: Example #1: She leaves him. I wrote this article after seeing Miracle, (the Cubs musical in Chicago).

Until his second wife racked up huge amounts of debt and then deserted him with it.

If you want to date without causing problems for yourself, your dates, or your family, it’s important to follow a few rules.There was nothing EJ could do to change the situation he was in; he was responsible for paying alimony, child support and his ex-wife’s debt.He did, however, have the drive the change his future.It’s comprised of eight easy-to-embrace concepts and 18 easy-to-follow rules. Editor's note: I'd like to welcome the newest Divorced Girl Smiling Contributor, Gretchen Hydo. I've been following her for a long time and reading her articles.

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Today, EJ has been happily married to his third wife for more than ten years and has a great relationship with his kids and growing group of grandchildren.