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The first thing I did was got out of the house and explored my area.Every afternoon after work, instead of just calling it a day and going home I would make an effort to just wander the city I was in and start figuring stuff out on my own.Some of those girls might actually be single and might be waiting for their friend to recommend someone to go out on a date;dr - Get yourself out there, know your surroundings and just talk to everyone.

I'm a really friendly outgoing guy and can start a conversation with anyone.

Personally, I don't think you're ready to meet a girl. Just be open and friendly and ready to make a quick joke and you are in. What are the odds you'll find an attractive woman who happens to be single and attracted to you if you never venture outside of work or your house? This is all great advice for people who live in cities, but honestly living in a city is easy mode for making friends.

I think you've got some issues you need to work through first. Once a month I play pool and ping pong at a bar that is just for singles out of college. Any advice for guys who live in rural areas who don't know anyone?

It's something that most people don't do anymore, if they want to go somewhere cool they usually just Yelp it or rely on other service to tell them what's cool.

There's just a great sense of satisfaction walking around somewhere and discovering a cool coffeeshop or restaurant on your own without technology.

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One thing to note is that there's a lot of people right now who are in the same boat as you.