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Dating after 5 year relationship

But, I learned lessons from each of these breakups.

Despite how pretty everything looked on the outside, the inside of our relationship was far more tumultuous. We fought about how he became closed off when I was hurting and needed him most.

I said yes, and afterward, I felt nothing but sadness.

I didn't want to be with him, and I knew giving in to those desires was the wrong decision. After breaking up with my second love, I convinced myself we could be friends with benefits. The sex was good, and neither one of us wanted to date. Obviously, there were still feelings there, and this time, I was the one who thought sex would win him over, bring him back and allow him to open up in a way he never did during our relationship. I spent chasing him, and he spent months pushing me away (until past midnight, when he was more than happy to join me in bed). There are plenty of guys out there who can fulfill your needs. If you're still wondering what they're thinking of your every move, if you're still stalking them on Facebook and Instagram, or if you're still trying to one-up them at every shared gathering, then you're not ready.

Eventually, after many threats to break up, I became fed up and cheated.

It was only once, with someone who was happy to hold my hand and treat me with kindness, but once is enough.

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