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We were curious: How many Americans are married to someone of the other party? For simplicity, we mostly focused on male-female partners who live at the same address, share a last name, are within 15 years of age (sorry, Donald and Melania Trump), and are the oldest such pair in the household.We also cut the data in other ways, such as incorporating same-sex couples as well as couples who do not share a last name.The main reason for the dramatic relationship with age is that younger voters are more inclined to register as independents than older voters are. As the chart shows, while the proportion of Democratic-independent and Republican-independent pairs shrinks from the youngest couples to the oldest couples, the proportion of Democratic-Republican pairs actually doubles — i.e., the purple band becomes bigger.Fourth, we looked at the neighborhoods where couples live.In comparison, only 6 percent of married couples are in any kind of interracial household.

In those states, 11 percent of married couples are in Democratic-Republican households.It dominated credentials, it dominated race, it dominated gender.So people were basically going out of their way to penalize the kid who happened to be active in the opposing party,” Iyengar says.Maybe 10 to 11 percent of American couples actually have divergent party registrations.”In another study, surveyors asked people to judge resumes to see which cues would make someone more likely to hire a high school senior for a job.Surveyors manipulated the resumes to make the seniors sound like they were of a certain race, gender and academic achievement.

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Evidence abounds that Democrats and Republicans really do not like each other.

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