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Dating a yamaha saxophone

I would like to cox more info from them to get a much better idea about all of this, but I imagine that the day they release this serial number info they will have their own glossy website controlling it all.

Unfortunately Yamaha seems to have allocated serial numbers in a completely random fashion and also seem to be quite tight lipped with regard to sharing the equation to work out their serials.

Basically I'm doing what I'm doing for fun and to fill in the down time I have at work.

The other issue is how much Yamaha would like me treading on their feet, so to speak.

Easiest way to tell is, Nogales, AZ horns were marked "CONN USA" on the bell. I recently sold my Conn USA, "M" serial, tenor for 0 and glad to get it. I grew up playing a student Yamaha back in the 80's, (nickel keys) got to know the Yamaha really well, and loved it. It does not say made in USA OR made in Mexico, though I understand it is one of the dreaded Mexiconns.

If Mexiconn they're marked "CONN" on the bell, and stamped "MEXICO" near the serial number. To be fair it needed some work - about 0.00 worth but even then its a student horn that isn't highly regarded. I moved on to Tenor, so I don't play it much anymore.

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