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There are organizations online that offer events nationally for widows, one such group is called “Soaring Spirits.” Remember, you don’t have to be alone.

If you can’t find a group in your area, contact me and I will try to help!

The LIFT program often features guest speakers on a variety of topics, and these events are totally free too.

The benefits of the LIFT group and other support groups for widows and widowers are many: 1.

I thought it would be a great place for those who are dating a widower to post links and other resources, and be able to talk to others who are dealing with widower-related issues. Anyone who’s in a relationship with a widower can join.She may begin to believe she isn't as worthy of being loved as the late wife was. Men with pre-existing depression can experience loss.She may blindly accept being treated badly by the widower because she believes his decency as a person is implied by what he went through. Death happens in alcoholic families, in abusive families, in troubled families of all kinds, just as often as it happens in healthy families. Men with every hardship imaginable to the human condition may become widowers.Or she may feel she needs to tolerate more due to his assumed fragility. Yet society assumes that the poor widowed man must have had a wonderful marriage and he must really be a terrific person.When the woman who will later date this men believes the widower myth, hardships may arise when she learns of the man's true nature.

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