Dating a third year med student

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Dating a third year med student

So far the most difficult thing has been just adjusting to the lifestyle.At the beginning of the year I studied at school a lot, but I found that got in the way of our relationship, so I made a study space at home in order to spend my break times with her; even if its just a nod as I walk to the kitchen to get some snack to eat.(Help her cook and clean too and do everything while your in med school/residency though for sure hahaha)I think it really depends on what kind of relationship you guys have.So many people get divorced and its because their relationship is like a big game and their disunited, and there's arguments because they each have some problems but don't share and come together and be united.It might sound harsh, but ignoring the fact that you change as a person by the end of your four years is naive (and, if I'm being honest, a bit irresponsible, as she will be legally tied to your student debt when you get married).

I am in a pretty serious dating relationship in which both my girlfriend and I are set on marrying each other.A lot can happen in your life between now and graduating with an MD (being a pre-med, applying to schools, being in medical school, and the pressure that goes along with each step), and you owe it to each other to honor both your professional goals as well as your relationship. You still change as a person in your medical school years. (You don't necessarily have to change in a negative way.Just being so different is enough.) whether or not the two of you can find a way to make it work with that person based on trials in undergrad (or before).I say, if you have a healthy relationship; you communicate, you meet-halfway on things, and you are happy; go for it. This might not be the response you are looking for, but depending on the state in which you live if you get married during medschool and then divorced later on she is entitled to an incredibly high percentage of your income because she helped you through medschool.Just try to enjoy the time as much as possible before medschool because it definitely puts pressure on the relationship. Otherwise, first year is brutal and will be a strain but my boyfriend of 5 years and I were fine and I am sure you and your fiance will be as well. We're planning on having the wedding during the fall of 4th year.

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Medical school is stressful and hard but definitely manageable and good, and residency is very brutal, but do-able with time management and some real love. It's 4 years of medium stress and ~3 years of higher stress, but that's life and its doable.

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