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Dating a squire bass

Several basses have been listed on e Bay stating "Made by Ian Waller himself and signed inside..." as if this means that it should command a higher price for its rarity. All Wals will have been worked on by whoever was working in the Electric Wood workshops in that period.Therefore ALL Wal basses built before Ian Waller died will have been extensively worked on by him - while it's nice to think that the signature on your bass is Ian's no such basses ought to command an elevated price just for the presence of his signature.1111.Epiphone Below appear some of the serial schemes that an Epiphone serial can use. YYMMFFRRRRRYY = year of manufacture MM = month of manufature FF = factory IDRRRRR = ranking number Example: 08121520333 = 2008 / December / factory 15 / unit 20333Note: Models from 2008 and onwards omit the factory ID letter prefix.Pre-1994 productions also frequently omit the factory letter codes and appeared as all digits, e.g.If you feel a certain company should be included, please request it and feel free to share any dating info along with your source. Dean Every Dean guitar made in United States comes with a seven digit serial number that is printed on the back of the headstock (some 90s models may be stamped on the fretboard).

It has a good tone with the Jazz pickup by the bridge. Alder neck is cheap I guess, but Alder's a strong wood.

3042779.----------------------------------------------FYYMMRRRRF/FF = factory ID Y/YY = year of manufacture MM = month of manufacture RRRR = ranking number Example: 3021234 = Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit 1234Example: S3021234 = Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit 1234Example: S93021234 = Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit 1234Example: SI01021234 = Samick Indonesia / 2001 / February / unit 1234Example: SI010212345 = Samick Indonesia / 2001 / February / unit 12345Note: There may be no factory designator for some 1993 and earlier models.

A single digit month of manufacture may occur for some 1997 and earlier models.

The first two Pro Basses (PB1111 and PB1112 were kept by Wal, the following few being shipped off to Barret's in Manchester - this was March 1979. From May 1979 the Pros had the more usual striped headstocks.

This change back to PB1111 explains a degree of confusion in the numbering of Wals in this transitional period... The Pro Series ran from 1979 to 1982All remained calm on the numbering front until around 1996 when a new numbering system was introduced.

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If you see a seven digit serial number on the back of a Dean guitar, you can be sure that it was produced in United States.

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