Dating a n affluent man Skype hook up for cam sex

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Dating a n affluent man

“Billionaires are often very nomadic, it’s hard to keep up,” she said.“I go in with the hope of falling in love, yes, of course everyone wants the full package, whether you get it depends, but that changes every day.

“Everyone is different, with money or not, but men with money are always at social outings so looking good and being presentable is definitely an attribute,” Tracey said.“I just remember why I like to date rich men,” she says, laughing.“There is always a sort of persona that I like in rich men – the confidence of being able to look after you.“If I don’t love them after a period of time, I give it up.” On the flip side, she hopes to fall in love too.She’s fallen for two of the 10 millionaires and billionaires she says she’s dated but on both occasions the relationship never lasted.

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If you can be satisfied with what you have and have a goal and a means to reach it you will be happier.” This article originally appeared on NEWS.

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