Dating a man with trust issues

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Dating a man with trust issues

Trust issues in a relationship can lead to depressions and intense frustrations.And the more frustrated you get, the harder you’d try to cling on to your partner in the fear of losing them completely, which can make you a clingy and controlling lover *and there’s nothing worse than that*. They’ve cheated on someone in an earlier relationship / You’ve cheated on someone and *knowing how easy it is to cheat* you assume your partner may be cheating behind your back too.We don’t get out of it, nor do we try to communicate and change it for the better. But if you think about it, the direction of your relationship is in your own hands.Every time you find yourself in the wrong path, you can steer yourself towards the right direction through better understanding, or you can let go of the wheel and find a new romance. So if one of you isn’t happy, both of you need to work together to fix the relationship.[Read: 10 easy ways to make your jealous boyfriend not-so-jealous] #1 Open up to your lover.Your partner may feel insecure in the relationship if they believe you don’t communicate well with them. Talk about your day, the little things you did and the people you interacted with.[Read: 12 real signs of true love in a happy relationship] Trust and finding faults in love When you find yourself unhappy in a relationship, it’s not always your own fault. [Read: The 80 20 rule in relationships and your love life] Trust is the foundation of a perfect relationship.When both of you trust each other completely and understand each other, it prevents insecurities and frustrations from ever cropping up.

If your partner loves you and wants you to be happy, they’d try to understand your concern and help you overcome your trust issues.

Love is pretty predictable to start with, isn’t it?

There are just two paths you can take when you enter a romantic relationship and get past the infatuation stage. Or you can find yourself frustrated and heartbroken.

Trust and the threshold of change in love All of us have a threshold of change in a relationship.

And it depends completely on how much we want the relationship to succeed.

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If you’re hurt in love, it’s your lover’s responsibility to reassure you and help you feel better about the relationship.