Dating a leo male

Posted by / 06-Feb-2020 08:01

That doesn’t mean we won’t pleasure you or get you all excited. Some women wear our birthstone, Peridot, as a way of containing our primal power. Examples include being the king of the castle or an authority figure, like a cop. I know when I get with my girl it’s not because I like smelling the morning dew or scoping out landmasses. It’s fairly well known that most Leo men dig dirty talk. You’ll know when the time is right because we’ll offer subtle hints. Take a few moments during the buildup to intimacy to say something nice. Have you ever watched one of those nature shows and noticed the female lion almost always nibbles on the male lion’s ear, just before getting it on? One soft set of lips on them – or something else – will get us going for days.

And while it is true that doing so may have some effect, it won’t be enough to completely keep us in check. Nope, instead, it’s because we like doing it outside. But what is often left out of the equation is the words are delivered. Oh, if there is any mention of physical pain, it’s going to turn us off. Focus on things that really stand out (hint) and be down with him giving you compliments back. If so, did you see how the male sits back and lets her do it, squinting his eyes and getting into it? But be forewarned – doing any of the above will turn your man into a freaking beast. One of the first things you’ll notice about us behind closed doors is that we’re quick on the mount.

That totally works but eventually, we’re going to want to – well, you know. Everything I have just shared with you is the real deal on how Leo men are in bed. Patrick is a freelance writer based in the state of Washington.

The more emotionally charged the relationship, the more passionate the experience. He blogs about men's grooming, spirituality, technology, gadgets and more.

Watch how he acts when the two of you are around other men.I say because no true Leo is ever totally submissive. A lot of women think getting with a dominant guy is the bomb.But when push comes to shove and the moment actually happens, it’s often another story. That’s because I’m a Leo man and know all about what we are like in the sack. If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

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