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Of course sensitive men are good at listening too but they also need a partner who is willing to be a patient listener.

It can hurt him if he finds you disinterested in what he is saying.

So you won’t even know if you actually did something to hurt them.

The best way to judge if your boyfriend or husband is hurt is to look out for some anger or dullness in their voice when they talk to you. You might unconsciously behave in a manner that might hurt him, and this can get a little frequent because of his high sensitivity.

We are human and none of us is perfect in any way, so why do we feel the need to judge anyone?

If you are with a highly sensitive boyfriend or husband you will have noticed that they need to be handled with more understanding and love than someone with a “balanced” sensitivity.

Highly sensitive people are bound to project their sensitivity in some manner in certain aspects of their life.

They might have a deep love for animals or pets, they might believe in volunteering for service, they might be deeply attached to their work or certain principles like honesty.

Patience and understanding are the keys to any successful relationship, a sensitive person might warrant more of it.You may find it a little “unreasonable” that he should get hurt for no reason, but the fact stays that he is hurt.Remember that he is sensitive and that’s his innate nature.Our innate nature is the result of our conditioning as well as genetics.In other words what we feel at a deep level cannot really change much.

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Your teasing was innocent but it triggered that same level of hurt back in him and hence he felt offended and angry.

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