Dating a fbb questions about dating relationships

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Dating a fbb

If you're worried, don't have sex on the first date.But you should talk to her and find out if she's a dom.(Even she agreed to this, and she's an ex-bodybuilder.) I did meet Maria Calo in person a couple of years back while she was touring England and while she was a nice enough person, I got the distinct feeling that she doesn't try or makes no attempt to treat her fans/fbb fans in general with any real respect.

She was huge,wearing a green thongish thing the last year I saw her, with permed hair, and did I say HUUUGE, incredibly ripped, but unmistakable Woman. I have fantasized about her many times, and hoped she would fall to the ground from exhaustion to give me an excuse to stop and offer to help her. But if you ask her, she might ride you like you have never been pounded before.Hi I'm fairly new to this and I hope I'm on the right section of the Muscle Forum board, but I was wondering if any of you guys out there might have any tips as to how I could possibly date a female bodybuilder...I am friends with a wonderful person who is an ex bodybuilder and power lifter from the late 70's/early 80's who is still as strong as an ox and can kick my arse to kingdom come, but I find there is no real sexual attraction and I had been in touch with a couple fbb's on the Facebook networking site, but to tell the truth they seemed to be right up their own arse with an attitude that stinks as if they're trying to make a point of being a bodybuilder.if from the uk,you know its going to hard to find fbbs in england..sad,but its'll probably better your chances by going be very lucky...anyway,i just wanted to add this.any of you guys remember that documentary with gayle maher..a lovely looking fbb..where she and other fbbs go online or have private meetups with fee paying clients,or was asked if she would consider dating any of this guys.said no period,as in no-way.made me start to ask questions..those guys that paid to see her and the like,have saved some of their hard earned some,it was a dream come true,to meet,let alone feel a muscular female...i couldnt help thinking,i may be wrong..inside some of those female minds was,give me your money you wierdo..then again,i've heard some female bodybuilders say that going out with male bodybuilders is a competition in itself,so they prefer your ordinary jo..thought i'd share that with you guys Micky, I think you are approaching a person who is a big time body builder.I understand your feeling that you like to date a body builder, because even I feel to.

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Look at in from a female perspective, essentially every guy they go home with could overpower them and kill them if they wanted.